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Exceptional quality of work, responsiveness to their ever-changing needs and honoring the need for confidentiality have prompted numerous Houston-area companies to call Basic Environmental Group for their ongoing environmental needs. Basic Environmental Group key personnel have extensive experience in performing environmental remediation services for corporate, institutional and government projects.



Basic Environmental Group, LLC maintains appropriate general liability and professional liability insurance coverage. We instruct our employees managing each project regarding appropriate safety practices and procedures in connection with any dangerous, unsafe or hazardous conditions which may be encountered. Basic Environmental Group assumes responsibility for the safety and well- being of its employees during performance of all work related tasks.



We understand that the interim data and finished reports of your projects are strictly confidential. Consequently, employees involved in each project are instructed that project-related information is not to be discussed with or furnished to unauthorized persons. No copies of project information or documents are distributed outside the firm/client relationship. Our employees will not furnish project related information to anyone other than the authorized client representative without prior written approval.



Professionalism and responsiveness- clients frequently use these terms to describe Basic Environmental Group’s delivery of environmental services. Another attribute often ascribed to us is “problem solver.” We also have a well established reputation for delivering top-quality work for a fair price.

Since our founding in 2011, Basic Environmental Group has maintained a customer-first attitude in providing environmental services. We thrive on complex, time-sensitive projects that must be completed in the midst of ongoing operations. We customize our project management approach to satisfy the specific needs of each client. This focused attention had earned us an extremely high percentage of repeat business. Each time we take on a new assignment, we amplify our understanding of your business and operations and are better able to anticipate your needs.


Unwavering commitment to quality is the hallmark of Basic Environmental Group. This is evident in the craftsmanship of finishes and the pristine condition of our job sites. Push open a ceiling tile and you will also find that the work we perform that is out of sight is just as neat and organized as the visible work.


Safety is a top priority at Basic Environmental Group. Our Supervisory personnel carry 30-hour OSHA certifications at a minimum. We conduct regular on-site safety meetings with our employees and subcontractors. We also use an outside Safety Consultant to visit our job sites as an unbiased third-party monitor of our Safety ractices.

Self-performed Work

One of Basic Environmental Group’s greatest strengths is our in-house workforce. This allows us to be responsive to customer needs while enforcing quality control. Our services include demolition, insulation, scaffolding, paint, fireproofing and asbestos, lead and mold abatement.


Basic Environmental Group is a full environmental service company with specialized expertise in interior occupied buildings. Just as maintaining ongoing relationships with our clients enables us to serve their needs, our solid working relationships with a cadre of high-quality subcontractors allow us to function as a well-orchestrated team.

Our approach results in highly efficient work processes that yield competitive pricing for our clients.

Anna Corral

Name: Anna Maria Corral
Position: President

Jesus Corral

Name: Jesus Corral
Position: General Manager

Jason Wright

Name: Jason Wright
Position: Project Account Manager

Jose Reyna

Name: Jose Reyna
Position: Field Operations Manager

Jesse Corral

Name: Jesse Corral, CSHO
Position: Field Operations Safety Manager

Eddie Corral

Name: Eddie Corral
Position: Construction Superintendent

Jose Funes

Name: Jose Funes
Position: Project Supervisor

Salomon Navarrette

Name: Salomon Navarrette
Position: Project Supervisor

Vanessa Wright

Name: Vanessa Wright
Position: Office Manager

Wendy Corral

Name: Wendy Corral
Position: Office Assistant

Michelle Corral

Name: Michelle Corral
Position: Office Assistant/Web Designer


Asbestos Abatement

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that takes the form of hollow, microscopic fibers, which are nearly indestructible.

We possess the personnel and equipment to successfully complete asbestos abatement operations on public and private sector industry projects, regardless of job scope, duration or complexity. Our personnel are highly trained and in compliance with all applicable regulations governing abatement work practices.

Lead Abatement

Basic Environmental Group LLC. offers a total solution to your lead removal, lead abatement and lead remediation service needs. As a lead abatement removal contractor, Basic Environmental Group, LLC offers the following services:

Lead Paint and Dust Removal
Lead Paint Encapsulation
Chemical Stripping
Lead Dust Cleanup
Lead Paint Remediation

Mold Remediation

Mold is one contributor to indoor air quality issues. Our environmental services team keeps current on mold laws and regulations and the best techniques for remediation. We work closely with independent consultants to ensure our work complies with the most stringent sampling tests.


Structural and Electrical fireproofing is provided in accordance with numerous UL designs including 1709. Applications include cementitious spray and/or trowel and cement pour. Our staff is trained by Retro-Guard, our material supplier, in the application of their products. Under normal installations the finished application results in a two-hour fire rating.


We also provide mechanical insulation services for every type of industrial and commercial application. From high temperature processes represented in petroleum refineries to the moisture resistant critical applications of refrigeration systems we have the experience to complete every type of project. Custom made removable insulation blankets are also available.


We are a full-service professional industrial and commercial painting contractor dedicated to preserving the life of your physical assets with high quality paints and durable, long-lasting industrial and commercial surface coatings.

We’ve earned a reputation as a premier commercial, institutional, and industrial painting contractor with an extensive range of capabilities, qualified experience, specialized training and equipment, and a superior work force


Utilizing Basic Environmental Group’s multi-crafted scaffold erectors offers your facility exceptional value that results in substantial savings. Whether your project is daily maintenance, capital work or major turnarounds our scaffold division’s Six years of experience is available to you. We also provide engineering design, estimating, planning and consulting services for scaffolding and shoring.

Scaffolding is widely used during construction and renovation activities. In its simplest form, a scaffold is any temporary elevated or suspended work surface used to support workers and/or materials. There are many types of scaffolds, both supported and suspended.

Selective Demolition

Basic Environmental Group is a reliable company that helps clients meet their project goals in regards to demolition.

We provide the following Demolition Services:

Interior Demolition
Structural/Total Demolition
Controlled Demolition

We also provide partial demolition and interior demolition services to prepare structures for reconstruction.



The safety and well-being of all workers at Basic Environmental Group will receive first consideration throughout all phases of our projects. It’s senior management’s firm commitment that safety will not be sacrificed for production. Safety starts at the planning stage. No project is ever successfully completed without a high degree of planning; the more thorough the planning, and the more early in the process, the better the results.

Each member of Supervision must enforce and each worker must comply with the safety practices and regulations that have been established with their health, well- being, and best interests in mind. Supervision will lead by example and personally comply with the same safe practices and regulations.

It is our belief that the Safety Success that Basic Environmental Group has on our projects is based upon the relationships that we develop with one another. Trust, mutual respect, and open, two-way communications are the key to working safe daily. We place much emphasis on our time together prior to each shift, planning the day’s work and then communicating that plan to and with our craft workers and being willing to change the plan when needed, with the same level of team communications. Recognizing and reinforcing safe work are as important as constructively correcting unsafe work, which must be done in such a manner as to ensure that worker dignity is in tact at the conclusion of the coaching process. The Management Team of Basic Environmental Group is committed to the concept of Incident and Injury Free. We strongly believe that every project can be completed Injury Free and without an incident. With this in mind, we will provide the necessary resources and support needed to maintain a Safe, Healthy, and Injury Free Work Environment. We will also provide the necessary line management and supervision that are committed to these same beliefs, and will carry out their responsibility for safety management on a daily basis.



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